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A designed garden is an investment in beauty and quality of life, as well as increased value of your home or property.  Coupled with design and installation of a new garden is the importance of its on-going proper care. A garden is a living, breathing, growing environment.  Horticulturally based care of your garden is vital for its long lasting health, beauty and potential. 

There are several different options of service for maintaining your landscape.  We work with each client individually and can customize a plan that fits best with your garden and your budget:

Fine AestheticPruning

The beauty of a tree or shrub that has been aesthetically pruned through time, can literally

take one’s breath away.  It takes into consideration the essence of the particular plant itself, the location and context of the plant within the surrounding landscape, structures and design elements, and is about pruning to enhance the tree and the particular space within which it resides.   This service can be done on an on-going or a seasonal basis depending on your needs and budget.  Japanese Maples are one of our specialties.  Please see the article on Aesthetic Pruning published in the Home and Garden Magazine of Los Altos, CA (link coming soon)

Fine Gardening  

We use ecologically sound products with natural ingredients - organic when possible -  no chemicals or synthetics.  Please see the article (link coming soon) on the use of mulch and compost in the garden.  Through attention to the health of your plants, soil and irrigation, we provide prevention and troubleshooting of horticultural problems in the landscape.

Fine aesthetic pruning is included in this service.

This service can be on a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly basis, depending on your needs.

Landscape Management

All the above is included in this service as well as landscape management. We will work with your current gardener or a crew of our choosing, providing full management of your landscape.  This includes lawn, irrigation and general gardening services as well as aesthetic pruning and fine gardening using natural products and methods.

Garden Coaching

Perhaps you are a gardener yourself or would like to learn the proper way to care for and prune your own garden.  We offer a Garden Coaching service that will teach you these skills so that you can care for your garden on your own.  Whenever you need a refresher or to learn something new, just call us to schedule a session.

Please contact us to discuss your garden and the kind of service that would best fit your needs.


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